Styling brochure 2013


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your amazing flair from taking my wardrobe from DRAB to FAB!!

I thought I had to start again but with a few new great pieces I now have a complete updated trendy look.

The other bonus is our Blue Water Bay Real Estate team are going to adopt 1 of the outfits as a uniform so I will send photos of the “Dream Team” kitted out by you!

Kind Regards,

Kathy Netherclift


Well, I am back from one fashionable trip to the USA!  After 17 years as a travel agent, you would think I would know how to pack, but it’s the one thing I always find a challenge.I sincerely wanted to thank you for the time we spent together sorting my wardrobe for my 2 weeks in the USA.  It was great to have someone else’s opinion on what went together and how I could easily go from an AM look to a PM look.  You really listened to my requirements of wanting to be super stylish in Las Vegas and NYC and then more relaxed but still groovy in Boston.  You will be pleased to know, that on my nights out in Vegas, I got many a comment on my outfit.  

I can highly recommend Beckie’s services to help you pack the right out fits and still leave room for shopping.  

Yours Sincerely

Renee Williams

Personal Travel Manager


Thank you so much for our session together. I have learnt a lot regarding my wardrobe and what accentuates my figure and what doesn't. I felt so good and confident after seeing the changes you made in my looks by trying different styles of clothing on. My family have noticed the changes and what I am wearing around the house and have asked if I'm going out. Hubby is complementing me on my looks again. I have begun to use what's in my wardrobe smartly and discarded the rest. Best of all I don't have to wait to lose weight to look and feel good. I can honestly say that I am starting to see my body in a new light and I am beginning to like what I see!.

So thank you for your knowledge and beautiful caring nature, which have helped me to change much more than my wardrobe.

Sincerely and with much appreciation love Monica


Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet feel you have nothing to wear?

Do you lack confidence in knowing how to best dress and accentuate your body shape?

Are you time poor and frustrated when trying to plan what to wear each day?

If you answered yes to any of the above you’re in the right place at the right time! 

Velvet Styling empowers you to be the best version of yourself in every way and in every situation of your life. After working with your very own Velvet stylist you will:


- Feel confident knowing what to wear and how to wear it every day

- Know how to save time as you create multiple outfits from your wardrobe

- Know how to make your money go further when buying new wardrobe pieces

- Be educated in accentuating the body features that make you shine 


At Velvet styling we view the fashion industry as a blank canvas for everyone of any shape and size to create their own individual style within. Velvet Styling Enlighten, Encourage and Empower.

Your Personal Stylist Team;

Beckie White- Beckie Heads the Miss Velvet Styling Team.  Her wealth of experience and knowledge has her keynote speaking around the world. She is passionate about elevating women’s self belief and worth on a global level. Her energy is contagious and  she inspires all she meets. Her motto to styling is “Get child like and play. Break the rules and have no boundaries”. Whatever look you desire, Beckie is the stylist to help you achieve success .

Gail Joy-  Gail has been in the fashion industry over 20 years. She brings to our styling team a wealth of knowledge on body shapes and making women feel great about themselves.  Gail is passionate about making her clients feeling beautiful on the inside and out. She is honest, caring and dedicated to understanding the needs and wants of women. 

Kathryn Box- “Just try it” is Katie’s motto for the fashion world. This savvy stylist has been inspiring women for over 4 years. Katie has a unique ability to create looks that have her clients jumping with enthusiasm.  She is easy going, switched on and has an amazing eye for detail. Katie’s talent for styling has her always in demand.

Alice England- Loves  being part of the fashion industry as it continuously evolves through each season. She sees opportunity in every individual to express themselves with colour, prints, style and accessories.  Alice has an eye for forecasting fashion trends and loves mixing it all together.

Danielle Jackson - Danni’s  motto in life is “ Live- Love-Laugh."  She loves  being around clothes and fashion and understands how clothes can make people feel great. She is constantly playing with and inspired by fashion.  Danni works with her clients on a personal level, building trust and  creating cutting edge looks. Danni’s zest for life is one to be admired. If it's a fun styling time you want, Danni is your stylist.


Personal One on One Styling packages 

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to look effortlessly chic and comfortable in their own skin? They know where to shop and they are confident enough to try new trends and looks. If you have noticed it but feel like that has never been you or you don’t know how to get started, then it's NOW time to get confident and look and feel fantastic, no matter what shape or size you are today. Our stylists will teach you how to become your own stylist and the leading role in your life. You will gain confidence, save time planning outfits and learn the art of smart shopping. Not only will we give you back time in the mornings, save you stress in knowing what to wear and transform your wardrobe into your very own boutique; you will leave the house each day feeling confident and empowered (not to mention looking fabulous!)

Price on consultation....Every package is custom tailored 

45min Consultation complimentary 


Styling workshops

Secrets unlocked from our leading stylists. Choose from many of our courses to help enhance your total style image. Enjoy an evening of girl time with refreshments and take home tips and tricks.

The Art of Illusion Dressing 2hrs

Make Me over 2.5hrs

Accessory Addicts 2hrs

Millinery Make Over 1.5hrs 

Travel my Wardrobe World Wide 2.5hrs

A Stylist's 25 Best 'Must Have Pieces' to turn your Wardrobe from DRAB to FAB 2hrs

Hair Me Now 2hrs

Colour Me Creative 1.5 hrs

Inner Body Outer Style 2.5hours

Workshops $45.00 per person (Maximum of 8 per workshop All times are approximates)

Personal Styling Nights

We create a personal workshop for you and 7 of your girlfriends. Tell us what you want to learn or experience and we will customize the workshop to suit your specific needs. It’s a fabulous,  relaxed night out, filled with laughter, love, bubbles and styling. Ideal for Mum's who don’t get time to themselves.  We gift you time to shop, play and create with a stylist at your finger tips and without the kids stealing your attention.

2 hours

Personal styling nights $39.00 (minimum of 6 ladies maximum of 8)