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Mornington Peninsula
Your style, your way
Boutique Clothing Mornington
Here at Miss Velvet Boutique for Mornington, we have a great range of women’s fashion clothing for you to create your style, your way. We love fashion and we know you do too!!
We are committed to aligning our business with ethical sourcing and manufacturing. Suppliers upholding high standards for human rights, fair working conditions, fair salaries along with reducing and recycling waste
throughout the supply chain is of utmost importance to us.
Brands such as: Eb & Ive, Isle of mine, HAVEN, Mollini and Django & Juliette, just to name a few are available online and instore at Miss Velvet Boutique Frankston
Women’s Fashion Mornington Peninsula

Shop our collection of unique, comfortable, positive and affordable women’s clothing. We have tees, tops, dresses, knitwear, pants and jackets in a range of comfortable, flattering fits and fabrics. Create your personal style whether you’re at home, work or on vacation, head to Miss Velvet Boutique.


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