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    7 Steps to Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe on Any Budget

    Spring / Summer is a time to freshen everything up.


    We spring clean the house, the garden and it’s also time to remember to spring clean our wardrobes too.


    Your wardrobe is prime real estate and I know you have invested a lot of time and money towards it. If your wardrobe is messy and full of the old style you then it’s a good time to start a clean out.


    1. Pull out everything and try it on.


    1. For every piece you try on – ask yourself:
    • Does this fit me?
    • Do I need to alter it?
    • What is the condition like?
    • Does this piece work for my current lifestyle?
    • Do I still love it?
    • How do I feel when I wear it?
    • How does this colour make me feel when I wear it?
    • Is this piece highlighting my best attributes?


    1. Create 3 piles: i)  maybe
    2.                           ii) throw out

                                iii) keep


    1. Give the gift of giving. With your throw out pile, make sure you drop it off that day to a friend or donate it to a charity. Your trash will be someone else’s treasure. One I recommend is ‘Dressed for Success’ Frankston or ‘Clothes for you’ Rosebud.


    1. The clothes you are going to keep all need to be placed on hangers that are the same colour, shape and design. This creates a wardrobe that is simplified and it’s easy to find garments.


    1. Categorize your wardrobe – either by colour or garments e.g: shirts, pants, dresses. There is no right or wrong. Just make it work for you.


    1. With the ‘maybe’ pile you may need to be ruthless here or get some assistance. If you decide to keep any of these garments make sure you put them into your wardrobe with the hanger going the opposite way to the others. If in 3 months you haven’t worn it then pay it forward.


    Following these 7 steps will ensure that you:

    • Save time when getting ready to go anywhere.
    • Know where every piece is.You will feel more confident and organised.
    • Will be able to see what items might be missing to create a mix and match wardrobe. This will save you money buying items you already have.

    Have fun!  You will feel refreshed and cleansed and ready for the summer months ahead.


     Stylishly Yours


    Beckie xxx

    Innys and Outys

    Day two at the log cabins (on my family and friends get-a-away) and I truly feel like I’m in Yogi Bear country.


    The Kookaburras are laughing and gaggling (which is a sound I truly love, as it feels like they are the voice saying ‘lighten up’ and ‘have a laugh’).


    The rain is falling and first I think ‘bummer, what are we going to do?’ seeing the rain as a negative. Then I hear my inner wiser voice saying ‘embrace this rain fall, as it is a time for cleansing to wash away something’. So I ask myself this question; ‘what is it that I need to cleanse?’


    Two Kookaburras come closer and start to laugh again really loud. Shhh I think, as they might wake the kids and ruin my peace. I begin to watch them, getting my nature on! It’s really interesting watching the Kookaburras. They both take it in turns singing/laughing, each one getting louder and louder with each turn. Then they stop; silence…Then another little bird starts singing; I suppose getting in while it has the chance! Then they start again and as I sit listening I ask myself what is the message/gift that I am meant to be receiving from them? The rain begins to ease as the trees start dancing in the wind. It’s as though it’s a new day and a new beginning and then ‘Bang POW Crash’…The exact message I am to receive comes to me.


    “Don’t worry about what happened yesterday, what you did, what you said, even what you wore. It’s history. Enjoy the present moment and choose to be in it.”


    Today, as I sit here writing this article, I’m in the same stylish outfit I was in yesterday morning; Pj’s, Ugg boots and my gorgeous knit. Yet I feel somewhat different. I feel freer with myself. Why and how is this? I ponder; do clothes and our exterior really make a difference to our inner being?


    Well whilst I believe it’s a bit of both, I also believe that in today’s society we care too much about our ‘outer’, the way we think people will perceive us through our styling and clothes. As a stylist I like to work with clients on balancing both. 


    It’s important that your exterior and interior are aligned, that the YOU you present is the YOU you feel. Clothes are a vehicle, and a great one at that, to create a mood, a perception and feeling. Clothes and outfits can put us in a state and have us be someone to the world. However, we also have to look at our body/vehicle on the inside. We need to make sure we fill it with the right fuel, to maintain it, to love it, dints, paint chips and all. In order to make a difference and to be the woman we want to be in the world, it’s important to find the balance.


    Stylishly yours

    Beckie xxx

    The Journey

    I just love camp fires. The ambiance it sets, the warmth it brings, the conversations it inspires and friendships it bonds.


    Last night I was sitting around a camp fire with some friends.  The serenity of the bush and the still darkness of the night were magical. I was fortunate enough to engage in a conversation with a great mate of mine who I admire, trust and respect. I have known him for about 7 years, however last night I got to know him on a deeper level (keep you minds above water here ladies, simply platonic).  It’s interesting to contemplate how well do we really ever know someone? What is their past, their goals and their aspirations on a day to day basis? It’s not often I encounter these conversations with males, other than my husband.


    It was such a cool conversation and I learnt so much about the stature of my friend as a man.


    I learnt that he had given up one of his kidneys for someone who had needed it within his circle. I discovered he had a brother who had died several years ago and how he feels immense guilt for not being able to help and save him.  Whilst I was listening to his journey, I so wanted to share with him parts of mine, because we were so similar on several levels. However I didn’t. I just sat and listened and in this moment I realised that this is what my friend needed; someone to listen to him, without judgement to be able to discover and to wonder and to ponder in a safe environment. I learnt from listening to my mate, that he is on a path and a yearning to help others. He feels this is a ‘Pay It Forward’ type of thing from when he was younger and someone helped straighten him out. He said he is forever grateful for the mentors he had in his younger years that helped steer him in the right direction.


    Throughout our conversation I couldn’t help but notice and feel his pain and so much of me wanted to cuddle this big statue of a man, but I refrained and just let him be. He is on such an interesting path and so badly wants to help and guide others that he could be forgetting just one thing…


    This topic of conversation lead me to an ‘ah ha’ moment and the question I asked myself was, “if our purpose is to help others, do we first need to help ourselves?”


    I believe it’s both yes and no (I know, how can it be both? Well in this instance it is ok…hehe).  First, I believe that YES you need to be comfortable with who you are and I believe if you are this then your purpose can flow and NO because the healing process is a journey.


    As I was writing this I was interrupted by my beautiful 13 year old daughter who had just woken up and wanted to jump on my knee for a cuddle. I could have (and probably years ago would have) said ‘hang on a minute love Mum needs to finish this sentence’ but instead I was living in the absolute present moment. Feeling her warm snuggling body on my lap was beautiful and priceless and whilst it only lasted a few minutes and she was off on her daily thing, I was grateful for that moment in Motherhood.


    So now she’s off doing her thing and I am back to writing, a win / win.


    Ok back to where it all began, so yes healing is about the journey. You know a really cool science about our bodies is that it will always keep healing itself from the outside. By this I mean we could cut ourselves every day for a year in the same place and every day our bodies will naturally continue to heal that wound from the outside in or is it from the inside out?


    Our minds need this healing process and it can be achieved by following your passion and your purpose.


    I know for me, styling women (and men) is a combination of enabling myself and others. I enable myself by moving within my passion for stying and assisting others.  I serve my purpose by enabling my clients to heal their emotional wounds or change their stories of ‘I’m not beautiful’ or ‘my body is ugly’. Styling women is a privilege and is far more than clothing. By enabling a woman to start to see her many attributes and inner beauty magnified in her presentation, to watch her confidence and self esteem rise and thus create opportunities for her to move forward in her career or general life, is a passion and my purpose.


    So the next time you have the opportunity to sit quietly and listen to someone’s story; a time where your inner voice is screaming to be heard or to give advice; think of this story of me and my mate around a bonfire and the gift we gave to each other. Styling the life we live is the greatest style secret there is.


    Stylishly Yours

    Beckie xoxo


    Who Am I… Really?

    Is this a question you have ever asked yourself?


    I have asked this a lot of late.


    This may not be something that relates to you or you may be able to answer this question in a flash. You may have had the answer to this question for years now and if this is this case, I salute you.


    I thought I knew ‘me’ very well. However since turning 40 (3 years ago) I have felt like a new chapter of my life has opened up. Questions, with answers I need to find, are written on my pages. It’s like a new book is being written on a new level and the character inside my book (me) is going to a new, higher place of self discovery, one that requires a deeper level of thinking.


    One level being…who am I…really?


    I have a blended family. My husband has been married before and I have happily gained a step son (even though I dislike this word, it is the best one I can find at the moment, as I never proclaimed to be his mother, just a person who loved him and his Dad and was there for him,) anyway, he is about to turn 30. I also have 3 children of my own who are teenagers (18 & 15 y.o boys and a 14 y.o girl).


    When my kids were younger, I was being their mother, a wife and running a small business. I guess what I’m trying to say is amongst all that ‘stuff’ I operated some days on autopilot. You know the one, where you feel like someone presses that button and you go floating through the day only to get to the other end and wonder how you got there!


    Now, as my kids are older, I have more time for myself (if I allow it). I have time to reflect, forecast and ponder. The pondering brought me to the burning question ‘who am I now?’ and is it a case of now or is it a case of who have I always been?


    So I have come to the conclusion (whilst I am a ‘work in progress’ until the day I die). I know I am a good person who has strong values that shape the way I want to lead my life. I have beliefs, some a little limiting (I’m working on them!) and many that I love and embrace and influence the woman I am. I have great friends and a fabulous career; I live in a safe area, have a nice house etc. From the outside, all may look rosy. However inside me it occasionally feels like there’s a missing link. Kind of like a bracelet that can’t be worn because its link is missing. Now is this TRUE or have I made this up to fit in with what society and my tribe say must be true? It’s an interesting question. One I don’t have the answer to today.


    However, what I do have the answer to is this; life is a journey and one to be embraced and I believe I am on a never ending quest. This quest is about self discovery, in search of all that I have to offer, learn and grow from. A quest to find (well actually it isn’t lost, just possibly suppressed) the real me! I am the one who is honest with self and others; the one who stands up for what she believes in; the one who shares her passions and knowledge with the world; the one who loves herself. That is who I am …Really.


    This article is about styling your life; your personal brand; your inner YOU. In order to create a life-style that represents the best version of you, one must first find the YOU. My passion in personal styling is connecting women who feel lost or disconnected from their own personal brand to a style that empowers them to journey forward. The ‘stuff’ is the story; how we style it will present your story to the world. The story is still being written.


    To infinity and beyond! Stay tuned…

    Stylishly yours.

    Beckie xox


    Autumn / Winter 2014

    “Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” George Eliot


    What a beautiful quote for Autumn/Winter. This AW14 is a fabulous season for fashion. As women, we are so lucky to have so many wonderful choices. This season, hot off the runways of Milan and New York, we are seeing a kaleidoscope of colour. For the adventurous, it’s bold strong colours, rich reds, cereuses, blues and citrus. For the quieter person, the colour pallet is still fabulous with earthy rusts, navy, and khaki’s.


    Feel free to mix it all up this Winter. The furs are still on trend this year as is leather. The leather biker jacket and asymmetrical skirts are a must-have. Skinny leg pants/jeans are still a huge look with the difference this season being a waxed or textured finish.


    Ladies, black is back this Winter in the shoe area of fashion. Black with lots of studding and embellishments are all the go; little booties with everyday heels are a hot item, which is fabulous for all of us Mum’s on the run. They will arrive with a great choice in colours too. Rich reds, rusts, greens, tans and navy. The ‘two-way boot’ is the newest trend to hit the stores this year. It’s a long boot with a detachable leg which then turns into a short booty. A smart investment shoe to buy this Autumn / Winter.


    Get out there and be brave with your fashion. Let your clothes magnify your inner roar.


    Stylishly yours

    Beckie x



    In-house Stylist Versus Professional Stylist

    It’s an interesting conversation. In the world of fashion, the title of ‘stylist’ is being used loosely in today’s society. Sales assistants are being called in-house stylists and the professional stylist’s role is being misunderstood and misused by some.


    It’s a trend that the beauty industry faced some time ago, where the word ‘Spa’ was replacing the word Salon. Yet most salons were not representing the true spa sanctuary experience. It became a quirky and new form of marketing.


    Is there a difference between an ‘in-house stylist’ and a ‘professional stylist’? Yes!
    Are there similarities? Yes!
    Are they the same? No.


    So… what’s the difference between in-house styling and Professional styling?


    That’s a great question. Let’s chat about comparisons. An ‘in-house stylist’ can be another name for a shop/sales assistant. The in-house stylist is someone who knows their stock and product inside-out and back-to-front. They are very knowledgeable about the brands they have in-store and how each piece mixes and blends with the other. An in-house stylist recommends to the customer, which product goes with what and can put an outfit together from their product range. In-house styling can sometimes be about sales and targets.


    Professional stylists are quite different. How? Firstly, they do a style consultation to find out who their customer is and what he or she wants their personal brand or style to represent? This is where the stylist and their client form a great bond of trust and insight. The stylist then looks at their client’s body shape; working out which styles will suit best. Next comes the wardrobe make-over. (This is my most favourite part.) This enables the client to have an opportunity to throw out some older pieces they no longer want and keep pieces that work for them. This is a very insightful process for the professional stylist as it allows them to plan and work out what pieces their client’s wardrobe is missing.


    Have you ever bought a piece of clothing, only to get it home and discover you already have something very similar, if not identical? This is because we have a part of our brain that is called the RAS (reticular activator system) where our brain always looks for same same. A professional stylist helps stretch their client’s RAS and shows them options to complete their wardrobe styling.


    Once this is all established, the professional stylist researches many different shops and hunts out the best products and clothing styles for their customer. They put together multiple outfits from minimal pieces. Professional personal stylists have no hidden agenda when shopping, they have no targets or budgets to reach. They work purely with your style category, body shape and budget in mind, always working to achieve their client’s outcome.


    Our style starts with the clothing we choose to wear and extends past our wardrobe, to our physiology and our choice in just about everything, demonstrating what we value and how we value our self. A great personal stylist helps you look and feel the best version of you. Once you have worked with a personal stylist you will notice an immediate impact on how you interact with yourself and the world around you. Shopping with a personal stylist is smart shopping and saves you money and time.


    I guess the big question that you may be asking is, can both types of stylists work together to benefit you, their customer? The answer is YES. If both use each other’s skills wisely, you, the client, comes out the winner.


    I found this quote from the guru in designer fashion, which I felt was really fitting to our conversation in this article. “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is an instant language.” Miuccia Prada.


    Stylishly yours

    Beckie x