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    “Fashion and clothes aren’t going to change the world. However the women who wear them will”

    - Anne Klein.

    Miss Velvet was foundered by Beckie White, who has worked with women on the Peninsula for over 25years.

    Beckie established Miss Velvet in 2011, originally as a shoe shop and has evolved the brand into a total styling boutique offering full wardrobe solutions, shoes, clothing and accessories.
    Beckie regularly travels sourcing new products from abroad and locally bringing to you the latest and most current seasonal trends. Her passion is finding styles that are of high quality at affordable prices.

    At Miss Velvet we believe in empowering women to be the best version of themselves everyday and in everyway of their lives.

    The team at Miss velvet understand that as women our bodies change throughout our lives and this can affect how we feel about ourselves. We work with a unique styling method that encourages ‘self- love’ and ‘self -acceptance’.  By sharing tips and tricks on the art of ‘illusion dressing’   you will save money, reduce the stress of getting ready time and have you feeling confident in every outfit for every occasion.

    Beckie says “ I love it when you see a woman ( one of our clients) shining from the inside out. You know she feels confident and comfortable in her style, ready to achieve her full potential and dreams.”