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    Director of Miss Velvet, Personal  Image Stylist, Key note Speaker, Brand Mentor.

    Beckie was the founder of Miss Velvet. She has been working with women nationally and internationally for the past 28 years. She specialise in empowering women to be the best version of themselves, enabling them to discover their inner beauty and confidence. Beckie’s family has a long history in the Fashion industry. Her Great Grandfather was the first to manufacture men’s business shirts in Melbourne back in the 50’s and her Uncle was a fashion designer for women. He was awarded second place in the AFA Awards back in the 80’s following Country Roads 1st place. Miss Velvet was born due to Beckie’s love of shoes and fashion. She brings a unique styling experience to the traditional retail market.

    A note from Beckie “ Ever since I was young I used to love dressing up in my Aunties red 70’s wedges. I am a mum and wife of 3 teenage children Jakson, Bailey and Sophie and a step mum to Nicson. I would describe myself as humble, honest, committed, easy going, passionate and enjoy variety. I love educating women and young girls to love themselves and be confident in their own skin.  My personal style is on trend, edgy, feminine and sexy. I see the fashion industry as a blank canvas that everyone can create their own art on. A platform with no rules or boundaries. It’s a space of limitless opportunity. Your look and style your way.”

    My Goal at Miss Velvet is to assist and educate women to be and feel empowered in their own skin and to model these feelings to our up and coming generations.

    Love Beckie xo



    Team Leader, Events Assistant Co- Ordinator, In House Stylist

    Gail has been styling at Miss velvet for the past 6 years. She is  honoured to be Miss Velvet’s Team leader and with this role she brings 30 years fashion experience to our team and clients.  She loves all aspects of the styling world, from assisting with organising our VIP Nights, Closed Door Styling Events, fashion Parades to the daily running of the Miss Velvet Company.

    A note from Gail  “I am bubbly, fun loving, motivated, professional, dedicated and loyal. I am a mum to grown up children – Cayde and Tamika. I also love my little dog Jinx. My passion is putting a smile on our beautiful clients faces when I have had the honour of styling them.” “My style is fun loving, classic and feminine . I enjoy thinking outside the box”

    Love Gail xo



    Style and Image Consultant, In House Stylist

    Jo is a qualified Style & Image specialist with over 25 years in fashion, Personal branding, colour and style. Jo is passionate about developing confidence and empowering women to be the best versions of themselves. A keynote speaker and training professional Jo has the ability to connect and relate with clients to develop exciting outfits and capsule wardrobes that reflect their personality and lifestyle.

    A note from Jo “I have always loved fashion and at an early age loved playing dress up with my grandmothers wardrobe (an incredibly stylish women who was ahead of her time and always looked immaculate!) Nanna Joan inspired me to carve out a career in fashion and follow my own style'. I am a busy mum to 4 kids and married to Greg so I appreciate the chaos and joys of family life! I always encourage clients to try something new so they don't feel stuck in a rut... a new colour, shape or accessory has the ability to transform your look but also how you feel'

    'My style is relaxed glamour and I love to experiment and break the rules.. who said you can't wear glitter in the daytime?'

    My goal at Miss Velvet is to create 'wardrobe happiness' for my clients so they feel inspired and rediscover the fun and joy in fashion.

    Love Jo xo